How to shop an Instagram live sale!

Why shop an Instagram live sale?

It’s the fastest way for us to show you all of the inventory we have in stock! Most inventory we show during a live sale is not listed individually on our site. We do our best to bring all new inventory to every sale! We are live EVERY SUNDAY AT 4:00 PM MST! 

How do I buy an item from a live sale?

During the live, we will show an item and then say and show its price. To claim, comment “claim” with the price (and letter, when applicable). The comment we see first on OUR SCREEN gets the crystal. Instagram will often show your comment as first on your screen when multiple people try to claim. We will always read out claims in the order we receive them on our end. Asking to see a specific piece is not dibs - again, to keep things fair, the claim will go to the first commenter on our screen.

Please claim responsibly. Treat each claim as a metaphorical swipe of your card. 

Due to the nature of being a growing business, while also being a SMALL business, we will no longer be able to photograph your claims after a live sale. We try to invoice and ship out as fast as possible, and no longer have the time to photograph all of your claims. 

After the sale, we will begin invoicing. You will receive a link via Instagram DM with your custom listing on our site to check out. Please only purchase a live sale listing if your username is in the title. Once your invoice is sent, you have 24 hours to pay. If there is no payment or communication within 24 hours, you risk your invoice being canceled and you may be banned from our page/future sales. 

We understand life happens. If you are unable to pay within the allotted time, please communicate with us ASAP so we can work something out!

We offer multiple options for payment including Shop Pay, Afterpay, Paypal, and credit/debit cards