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Crystal Mystery Box

Crystal Mystery Box

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Mystery box!

Just getting into crystals and don’t know where to start? Want to chance the unknown and see what we pick out to head your way?

Try our curated mystery boxes! Three different sizes! Guaranteed crystals the value or more of what you pay!

Some things you could receive: towers, tumbles, palms, polished, raw, moons, freeforms, and more!

Small $20: Standard would be about 3 small crystals.

Medium $35: Standard 3-4 crystals, some small, some medium.

Large $50: Standard one or more medium crystals, and 3 or more small to medium sized crystals. Can request 1-2 large crystals, if preferred.

XL: $100: Over $100 in crystals. From a mix of sizes; tumbles to large pieces. You can specify if you prefer a couple larger pieces or a mix of small-medium.

When purchasing, feel free to leave a note if you have any preferences such as color, shape (towers, spheres, carvings), raw/polished, or type of stone. No guarantees on preferences, but we will do our best!!

PLEASE NOTE: Photo shown is NOT what you will receive, just examples. Examples of crystal types given are also not for sure exactly what you will receive.

Disclaimer: Crystals are natural products from the earth and are not always "perfect". Some may have surface marks, inclusions, vugs (cavities) and/or natural chips. Also, many carvings are hand carved and may not be as pristine as a machine carved piece.

We do our best to ensure our crystals are photographed to show all angles, but occasionally, smaller natural marks may not show up correctly or be photographed up close. Please feel free to reach out before purchasing if you want to see anything in more detail.

We will always disclose damage that is not natural i.e. a broken crystal. If a crystal arrives broken, please reach out and we can help with initiating a claim, when applicable.

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