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Fancy Crystal Confetti | Crystal Mix

Fancy Crystal Confetti | Crystal Mix

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FANCY crystal confetti/crystal mix.

This mix is more expensive as it has rarer/more expensive stones, more jewelry, carvings, larger tumbles, and more!

What’s in the mix?
- Larimar (slabs and chips)
- Rhodochrosite
- Amphibole quartz
- Raw golden rutile quartz
- Faceted bracelets
- Labradorite rings
- Necklace pendants
- Florida agate/jasper slabs
- Labradorite fox carvings
- Grape agate
- Amethyst roots
- Kabamby Ocean Jasper
- Moss agate
- Blue kyanite in quartz
and more!

One scoop is 1/2 a cup.

Every scoop is random and there are no guarantees as to what you will receive.

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