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Mexican Fire Agate Cab | Mexican Fire Agate Cabochan

Mexican Fire Agate Cab | Mexican Fire Agate Cabochan

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Unique colorful small Mexican Fire Agate cab. It has a mix of green and red colors and botryoidal formations. The back of this cabochan is slightly curved.

0.778” tall x 0.41” wide x 0.238” thick

Disclaimer: Crystals are natural products from the earth and are not always “perfect”. Some may have surface marks, inclusions, vugs (cavities) and/or natural chips. Also, many carvings are hand carved and may not be as pristine as a machine carved piece.

We do our best to ensure our crystals are photographed to show all angles, but occasionally, smaller natural marks may not show up correctly or be photographed up close. Please feel free to reach out before purchasing if you want to see anything in more detail.

We will always disclose damage that is not natural i.e. a broken crystal. If a crystal arrives broken, please reach out and we can help with initiating a claim, when applicable.

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